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Get Your Best Dental Veneers Abu Dhabi

Veneers are wafer-thin shells that cover the fronts of your teeth. Dental veneers Abu Dhabi come in a variety of styles. Porcelain is the most widely used material for veneers because it closely resembles tooth enamel in appearance, reflecting light in similar ways and giving a more natural appearance than other materials. This sort of veneer, however, does need some preparation and is not reversible. A no-prep veneer, which is generally a plastic composite glued onto tooth structure, is another option you may want to explore. Although less preparation is required, the resin is not as realistic.

Veneers will address a number of issues/concerns

  • Tooth discolouration: This can occur as a result of coffee, tea, cigarettes, trauma, root canal procedures, flaws, or big fillings inside the tooth.
  • Worn teeth: A poor bite can cause teeth to wear out prematurely – veneers can make a tooth look longer.
  • Chipped teeth: A dental veneers Abu Dhabi can also be used to conceal any chips or cracks in a compromised tooth.
  • Veneers can make misaligned teeth seem straighter without the need of braces.
  • Veneers can repair irregularly shaped teeth and enhance proportions.


  • Some preparation may be required before the veneers may be placed, depending on the state of your teeth. Your dentist may need to remove around half a millimetre of enamel to make place for the veneers to fit onto your teeth. If necessary, a local anaesthetic can be administered. Other types of porcelain veneers need less preparation.
  • After your teeth have been prepped, your dentist will take an imprint of them and send it to a dental laboratory, where the veneers will be produced. You will need to return to the dentist for the Dental veneers Abu Dhabi to be put at another visit. Temporary veneers might be put on the teeth in the meantime.
  • Permanent veneers should be available in two to four weeks. Your dentist will initially examine the fit of your teeth and make any necessary changes. You will have your teeth cleaned, polished, and etched. This final process roughens the teeth, allowing the veneers to adhere more securely. The veneers are bonded to the teeth with a specific cement. Once the veneers are in place, a special light is shone on them, activating chemicals in them that cause them to solidify fast. After that, your dentist will remove any extra cement, examine the bite, and make any required changes.
  • You may need to return to the dentist for one more appointment to ensure that your gums are responding well to the Dental veneers Abu Dhabi and that they are functioning correctly, but other from that, you will be able to utilise them just like your original teeth.

Types of Dental Veneers: Aesthetic Marvels


Dental veneers are a popular choice for achieving a flawless smile, especially in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi. These thin shells, typically made from porcelain or composite resin, are custom-designed to cover the front surface of teeth, enhancing their appearance.

  • Traditional Porcelain Veneers: Crafted from durable porcelain, these veneers are known for their natural appearance and resistance to staining. Porcelain veneers are tailor-made to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, offering a radiant smile that harmonizes with Abu Dhabi’s aesthetic standards.
  • Lumineers: These ultra-thin porcelain veneers are designed to require minimal to no tooth reduction, preserving the natural structure of your teeth. Lumineers offer a transformative smile with a minimally invasive approach.
  • Composite Veneers: Created from a tooth-colored composite material, these veneers are directly applied and sculpted by skilled dental professionals. While they may not possess the same translucency as porcelain, composite veneers are an excellent choice for minor enhancements and are often more budget-friendly.
  • Pressed Ceramic Veneers: Constructed from advanced pressed ceramic material, these veneers are highly durable and offer a lifelike appearance. They are a great option for individuals seeking both durability and aesthetics.
  • Palatal Veneers: These dental veneers Abu Dhabi are designed to cover the backside of teeth, enhancing their appearance while also protecting them from wear. Palatal veneers are an excellent choice for those who require both functional and cosmetic improvements.

How Long Do Veneers Last on Your Teeth in Abu Dhabi?


The longevity of dental veneers Abu Dhabi can vary based on the type of veneer, your oral hygiene practices, and lifestyle factors. Generally, porcelain veneers are more durable and can last up to 10-15 years with proper care. Composite veneers might have a shorter lifespan of around 5-7 years. In Abu Dhabi’s diverse and active environment, maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups can significantly extend the lifespan of your veneers.

Cost of Dental Veneers in Abu Dhabi


The cost of dental veneers Abu Dhabi can depend on several factors, including the type of veneer, the complexity of the procedure, and the dental clinic you choose. Porcelain veneers are often priced higher due to their premium quality and longevity. While costs can vary, it’s important to remember that veneers are an investment in a confident smile that aligns with Abu Dhabi’s aesthetic standards.

Why Choose Al Qudwah for Dental Veneers in Abu Dhabi?


Opting for dental veneers Abu Dhabi at Al Qudwah Dental Center presents a range of compelling reasons:

  • Expertise and Experience: Al Qudwah’s dental professionals possess extensive experience and skill in providing top-tier veneer treatments, ensuring exceptional results.
  • Customized Solutions: Whether you opt for porcelain or composite veneers, Al Qudwah ensures each veneer is customized to your unique needs, ensuring a natural and harmonious smile.
  • Cutting-Edge Techniques: Al Qudwah utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and materials to create veneers that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and functional.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Al Qudwah’s patient-focused care ensures your comfort, satisfaction, and involvement throughout the veneer procedure.
  • Cultural Harmony: Al Qudwah understands Abu Dhabi’s cultural richness and takes into account the local sensibilities while designing veneers that complement your appearance and personality.

In conclusion, dental veneers are a transformative solution to achieving a captivating smile in Abu Dhabi. Al Qudwah Dental Center offers expertise, customization, and advanced techniques, making it the ideal destination to embark on your journey towards a confident and stunning smile that resonates with the beauty of Abu Dhabi.


Dental veneers are placed over the teeth of a patient as part of a cosmetic procedure, when they have chipped, cracked or stained teeth. If they have teeth that are not completely aligned with the rest of the teeth in the mouth, then placing veneers over them would be the right aesthetic answer

Since placing the veneers is a permanent procedure, sometimes it would not be the right answer for everyone. If you have teeth grinding problems, then placing the veneers may not be the right solution as it could cause the veneers to break. Veneers are not placed when you have severely crooked teeth or if the unevenness cannot be corrected. People with bad teeth alignment are not good candidates for veneer placement unless their misalignment is corrected first.

With proper care like regular brushing, flossing and visit to the dentist, the veneers can last for 5-10 years. Don’t bite too hard or grind your teeth, because those can affect the quality of the veneers. We provide the Premium dental veneers Abu Dhabi services.

No, the process of veneer placement is not painful at all, but you might experience a certain degree of discomfort. It might take a couple of weeks for you to get used to the veneers, and you might feel as if your teeth are bulky. You will get used to it eventually.

Our dental veneers Abu Dhabi services are done in two appointments. In the first visit, a tiny portion of the tooth structure is removed to make an impression. Then the prosthodontist will place temporary veneers. A new veneer will be made to align itself with the teeth over which it will be placed.

You can improve the appearance of the veneers when they become stained, but if it has stained too back, then it would be better to replace them with new ones.

Following good dental hygiene is very important. It would also be good if you do the following to enjoy the good results from our dental veneers Abu Dhabi services:

  1. Avoiding food and beverages that cause staining
  2. Avoid teeth grinding/clenching
  3. Brushing and flossing regularly
  4. Use a soft toothbrush
  5. Quit/curb smoking and alcohol
  6. Visiting your dentist regularly


Apart from remembering not to bite too hard or clench too tightly, there isn’t much you need to do with taking care of your veneers. Of course you need to brush and floss twice a day, and avoid foods that cause staining, otherwise a visit to the dentist or prosthodontist would be just fine.

The cost of the veneers actually depends on the material that you use. Porcelain veneers are the costliest, and they are about 6.3 times the cost of ordinary veneers. Composite veneers can cost anywhere from AED 899 to AED 4,999. Insurance companies usually do not pay the cost for veneers because they see it as a cosmetic procedure. However, if you can prove that there is a structural need for the veneers, then they would be ready to pay a certain percentage of the costs.

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