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Tooth Removal

In dentistry, tooth extractions, or the removal of one or more teeth, are typically reserved as a last option. Our tooth removal treatment is never a painful process. Tooth extractions are an incredibly common procedure. It should be reiterated that an extraction is used as a procedure of last resort, when nothing more can be done to save the tooth. We provide the best tooth removal without pain.

The reduction of pain is the most important short-term benefit of tooth removal. The extraction of teeth is a very common operation. The tooth is elevated and then the periodontal ligament is severed using instruments. Dental forceps are then used to delicately extract the tooth.

Our dentists care for the patients at each step of the dental removal process. That’s why we are known as the best dental care in the Abu Dhabi. We also provide treatment for extra teeth. Extra teeth occupy arch space, forcing adjacent teeth to twist out of place. In this instance, a tooth extraction is required to allow adequate room for the teeth to realign properly.

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